Security Operation Centre as a Service

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Enabling organisations to outsource threat detection and incident response

Liquid’s security solution offers out clients a single pane of glass with centralized visibility, reporting and control, allowing for the replacement of multiple endpoint security and IT management solutions.

Risk mitigation

To prevent multiple types of cyber-attacks such as unauthorized access or intrusions attempts that may lead to compromise of your private network or internal security zones

Compliance adherance

To align with industry cyber security standards such as ISO27001 or NIST CSF and/or legislation and regulatory requirements such as POPIA, GDPR, etc. Depending on the business practices there may also be further requirements specified such as PCI DSS.

Cyber security resilience

Enable identification of assets and vulnerabilities, detection of events and incidents, response and recovery, testing including Pen Testing, situational awareness enabled via threat intelligence and actionable reporting, leading to proactive and pre-emptive response rather that being reactive.

Features of the Security Operations Centre

Managed SOC, also known as SOC as a Service, is a subscription-based offering enabling organizations to outsource threat detection and incident response.

SOC-as-a-Platform 360 – White labelled SOCaaP from Comodo, co-managed by Liquid as the MSSP for our customers, referred to as SMB SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) 360

SOCaaS 360 AEP – Includes advance endpoint security and patented malware containment

SOCaaS 360 AEP&EDR – Endpoint detection & response (EDR) froms a key part of the LIT SOCaaP 360 service

SOCaaS 360 MDR – Managed detection and response (MDR) adds further detection through network sensors

SOCaaS 360 MDR Plus:

Event Logging – Event logging from most security controls management platforms or devices is possible

Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) – SOCaaP includes a SIEM and related features

Event analysis, incident management and response – Analysis are done by a combination of our own and Comodo’s resources

Situational Awareness – Actionable threat intelligence allows for proactive mitigation

SEaaS 360 – Security-as-a-service, consisting of SOCaaS 360 MDR Plus, Email and Web Content Filtering


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