The intersection of Geopolitics and Cybersecurity

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Depending on who you ask, some may argue that the 4IR is still on its way, while others believe South Africa is already engulfed in it. The reality is that as technology continues to evolve, it becomes an even more significant part of our daily lives. Moreover, technology also influences economic advancement, making it a […]

Productivity is not productivity if it can’t be done securely


With the increase in cloud adoption across Africa, and the COVID-19 pandemic introducing the work from home lifestyle, we can safely assume that remote work is here to stay. However, the challenge of encountering cyber threats is also on the rise. While the African market embraces all things cloud and the benefits it brings to […]

Cloud Computing & Hybrid Cloud

Microsoft Azure

The challenge of working with several distributed cloud environments is that every platform needs a different set of skills and tools, making it difficult for IT teams to continually manage security, service levels, compliance, and operations. LiquidCloud offers the ultimate solution – a suite of cloud platforms that leverage the expertise of our professionals to deliver a […]

Business Collaboration Solutions


Conventional boundaries no longer define today’s workplaces. Instead, the modern workforce needs to collaborate and communicate with one another on their preferred device, chosen time zone, and favourite office space. To help you translate your idea into a reality, LiquidCloud works with businesses of all sizes to leverage leading-edge productivity technologies as a solution that […]

Protect Your Data Against Rising Cyberthreats

Managed services

Precise Cybersecurity Management And Protocols Built for High-Demand IT Infrastructure Our cybersecurity services and solutions are custom-designed to help you safeguard your data assets and business technology– ensuring that your organisational operations are always available and protected. With years of experience in delivering cybersecurity solutions within the IT spectrum, we help your business minimise digital […]

Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Connectivity

Why choose one cloud solution when you can have them all? Deploying the right cloud-based system for the right capacity with a data-driven approach Today, disruption is ubiquitous and constant. As a result, the need for businesses to be constantly adaptive, responsive, and evolving at a pace is more vital than ever before – and the […]