365 Direct

365 Direct

365 Direct is a Liquid Telecom connectivity service created that solves problems with unreliable, non-SLA backed internet connectivity solutions. Our 365 Direct service delivers a low-latency, SLA backed experience for organisations looking to leverage Microsoft public cloud services including Office365, Teams Direct Routing, Azure SaaS, and Dynamics 365.

Any investment in any cloud service is only as good as the connectivity that delivers it - because of this Liquid Telecom understands that cloud value is directly linked to the quality of connectivity. 365 Direct provides highly reliable and optimised Internet connectivity to Microsoft services. It improves the user experience for Microsoft’s SaaS services by offering a single hop to the nearest edge POP in the Microsoft network.

Liquid Telecom leverages our 70,000km of backbone fibre to deliver an unrivalled user experience for Microsoft public cloud services. For customers who already utilise the Liquid Telecom network this is a simple virtual configuration that will deliver an exceptional quality of experience for end users. The services that benefit from 365 Direct are:

The customer does not require a minimum through put to utilise the 365 Direct through Liquid Telecom.Companies that have invested in their cloud journey and rely on Microsoft based products should purchase Liquid Telecoms 365 Direct.

Our 70,000km of backbone fibre ensure a locally redundant network that supports failover across multiple locations (geo redundancy). It guarantees a high performance connectivity with the lowest possible latency. In addition, customers that are connected via the Microsoft Azure Peering Service can take advantage of Internet latency telemetry and route monitoring, getting alerts for hijacks, leaks, and any other Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) misconfigurations.

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