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Conventional boundaries no longer define today’s workplaces. Instead, the modern workforce needs to collaborate and communicate with one another on their preferred device, chosen time zone, and favourite office space.

Liquid Cloud offers leading solutions to streamline workplace operations, secure cloud storage, rapid data recovery, and scale growth. Count on us to help you improve your customer experience with far-reaching cloud security solutions.

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An employee is only as productive as his tools, and that statement is increasingly true in this digital age. Therefore, having access to such technology is pivotal for success with cloud-backed workplace application suites and applications tailored to automate mundane work.

A highly productive workforce is critical to a successful organisation. Our productivity and communication licenses with Microsoft provide a host of interactive applications for the cloud. With the ability to communicate with all your relevant team members at any time from any device and from anywhere, you now never have to miss out on opportunities and can capitalise on new trends without wasting even a second.

Whether your organisation is just migrating to the cloud or every team member is actively leveraging the cloud platform for daily operations, cloud-based solutions have firmly influenced the professional world. With cloud services, you can work any time, from anywhere, drastically augmenting workforce flexibility.

Cloud computing has become a common term over the years, and organisations need to secure their data at all times.

CloudConnect partners with industry-leading cloud platform providers offering secure and instant networking connectivity solutions. We offer premium licensing options through renowned cloud service providers such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. By eliminating the need to maintain physical hardware, your company can focus more on its strategic growth plans.

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Accelerate business success

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As organisational data becomes increasingly important to help you understand your business, threat actors have become increasingly active to disrupt your workflow. It is crucial to your business sustainability to deploy smart backup and disaster recovery measures. Penetration testing and vulnerability scans help detect security gaps in your company’s recently transformed IT architecture.

Our highly trained and knowledgeable ethical hackers fake cyberattacks for penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities and aspect how to support defenses. Acronis offers quick restoration of essential data such as attachments, contacts, websites, files, emails, etc., so it acts as an all-inclusive solution for all your data-related problems. Coupled with E-Guard and Secure Remote Access, this is a complete package to ensure your business is protected.

Leverage years of Managed Services Provider expertise managing various businesses have allowed us unique insight into a business process. As a result, we can help identify system vulnerabilities and provide lasting solutions that curb the issues once and for all.

Equipped with the latest technology, our experts can curate a customised strategy that provides a concrete step-by-step roadmap to overcome your weaknesses. In addition, our workshops are designed to pinpoint high potential revenue streams, areas of improvement and strategize a path to organisational growth.

What’s more – our cybersecurity experts put your cloud landscape through rigorous testing to reveal any potential flaws that can be exploited. With a secure business presence and renewed insight into your business, you can continue making informed decisions that guarantee you enhanced ROI.

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